Multi lift

A real innovation that offers new possibilities for the realization of your multifunctional rooms. Rows of about fifty seats in a straight line, in segments or in curve. The reconfiguration of a room can be done in 3 to 10 minutes depending on the elevation speed chosen. The seats are stored under the floor and are brought to the platform by a circular translational movement. This translational movement is performed in 30 seconds. The concept is the same whether the ranks are straight or curved.

Hoist carriage movable on


  • movable trolley hoist Machinery Products

    scenic products Tambe Machinery hoist on movable carriage

  • movable trolley hoist Machinery Products

    movable trolley hoist Machinery Products

  • movable trolley hoist Machinery Products

    scenic products Tambe Machinery hoist on movable carriage



  • Tri 400V supply Motor
  • Board electric cabinet with price 32A
  • Stroke : 15m · Fixed linear speed 4m / min
  •  Stopping Accuracy (+/- 25mm ) optical absolute system
  •  Control SINCE our Steering System · A brake gearmotor
  • 1 second safety brake
  • Torque Limiter , friction
  • Limit high and low cams
  • On -course high and low cams
  • Load pin pour charge reading
  • Absolute encoder pay altimetry (+/- 10mm accuracy)
  • Integrated thermal protection
  • Black Channel 1 single strand (coefficient mini x4)
  • Black textile chain bag
  • Matt black finish hoists
  • Stop with brake by mechanical irreversibility
  • Dismantling / mounting possible rail
  • Pluggable Connectors


  • The IT Steering
  • SIL 3

Light spot winch


  • Maximum load: 500 daN
  • Winch grid mount or in arbor pit
  • Mounted by looping the traction cable of the counterweight arbour onto the threaded drum

TD 2000

  • Fixed speed or variable speed
  • Max payload 300 daN to 1 500 daN
  • Traction is done via a cable clew to which all lifting cables are connected
  • Top and bottom end stops + top over travel limit
  • Quick brake for precise stop
  • Applicable on all types of wood or steel structures; It may be suspended or laid.


  • Parachute bloc stop (additional safety)
  • Altitude positioning
  • Digital load display
installation et maintenance scénique materiel


  • High operation speed: 0.1 m/s to 1.5 m/s
  • Max payload 300 daN to 1 500 daN
  • Lifting by steel bands
  • Compact system, thus possible to install 4 battens per metre
  • No extension of the steel bands
  • No deflection
  • Reduced swaying of the battens
  • Simplified faux-gril as no horizontal forces
  • Bands rolled up silently


  • Variable speed
  • Safety brake at the end of the cam line
  • Altitude positioning
  • Over/under load detectors
  • Weight measuring
  • Over-speed detection


  • Hoist integrated to aluminium truss



  • This system can be used to solve issues relative to different heights in studios.
  • Minimalist installation (only a few rigging points are required)
  • On-board motorisation
  • Travel height so lights can be fitted on the ground and easy maintenance
  • Max lifting load: 1000daN
  • Top and bottom end stops
  • Controlled from the control room


  • Remote control
  • Variable speed and progressive start
  • Position memory
  • Cable crate


The aluminium square truss of 500mm can be used for installing :

  • Borders
  • Drapery legs
  • Motorised or manual curtain track
  • Projectors (various)

TR 2000 AND TR 2001

  • The TR2000/TR2001 system is an economical way to motorise the battens as one motor powers several hoists.
  • Fixed speed TR2000
  • Variable speed TR2001
  • Worm gear hoist / threaded drum
  • Top over-travel limit


  • Adjustable bottom end stop
  • Adjustable top end stop
  • Height positioning
  • Resettable parachute


  • Set of variable speed
  • Max payload 300 daN to 1 500 daN
  • Direct traction – Threaded drum with 3 to 10 cables
  • Compact
  • Top and bottom mechanical end stops + top over-travel limit
  • Simplified faux-gril as no horizontal strain


  • Replacement of manual hoists
  • Replacement of hoist lines


  • Variable speed
  • Altimetry
  • Slack rope detection
  • Weight measuring


  • Used in case of little distance between hoist and head block, it solves cable deflexion issues
  • Operating noise is reduced as there is no cable friction during winding
  • The hoists can be isolated in a winch room outside of the stage tower


  • The drums or the pulleys move during the winding so the cable can stay in front of the groove of the drum.