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    TAMBÉ CEMS integrator of hight-tech lifting solutions such as SERAPID of SPIRALIFT Lifting systems for stage platforms and orchestra pits Compact closed height No need to excavate Adaptable Easy installation Minimal maintenance Close collaboration with SERAPID allowed the implementation of some great projects Manufacturing of elevation systems for theatrical PLATFORMS: Mechanical lifting tables […]


MOTORISED Aluminium rails with good acoustic properties 4 to 5 bearing rollers per metre, depending on weight of the curtain and storage space Fixed or variable speed Opening and closing end stop Plus Point: Motor connected to track so entire set can be moved according to request and hung under a batten. MANUAL Same features as motorised model Ø8 mm black […]


  Motorized bottom roller screen up to 24m Case Multiple finishes: Plywood Aluminium Fabric Fittings can be adapted to any type of support, even batten Fabric PVC M1 High luminosity Standard equipment: Mat white multicellular Mat white acoustically transparent Guaranteed to roll without marking or folds Options  Radio control Fall arrest Removable control  


Postcard screen in any size with fitting flanges so it can be hung up on the entire surface, or with fitting clamps at the top so it can be hung to the underside of a batten.


  Tambè cems offers a lift that will enable wheelchair users to gain easy access to your venues, without preparation work. Motor system with screw jacks and telescopic rails Lifting height 3m Lifting load 400 kg Platform size: 1.40 m x 1.20 m Vertical speed of up to 4.5m/min Access possible from front and side Can […]